James Cassels Bookbinder — Bookbinder and Book Conservator based in United Kingdom

Book Conservation

!6th cent. volume resewn and showing opening with moulded paper hollow.

Peterhouse S.17 before repair showing old rotten leather spine leather

Peterhouse S.17 showing secondary board attachments before spine covering.

Peterhouse S.17 after repair work.

Shrewsbury School benefactors book when received. Note crude brass strips nailed on parallel to the joints securing the previous repair.

Shrewsbury benefactors book after rebacking and brass strips removed.

Peterhouse S.29 16th cent vol with oak boards before work showing previous spine repairs.

S.29 New braided tapes and linen spine lining to attach boards, and endbands sewn.

S.29 New stained alum-tawed leather spine covering secondary board attachment.

Drilling into the support ends to insert cord extensions. I published this technique in the journal ‘Bookbinder’ 2016.

Shrewsbury School incunabula. In-situ aqueous stain removal. The page on the right has been treated.